People traditionally inclined to “neutral” colours for walls while they are thinking about interior design of the future house. If you are not afraid of experiments and you would like to depart from the standard solutions, dark coloured walls with making your house original and stylish.

So how to use dark colours in home interior design?

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  • Dark coloured walls  perfectly combined with many interior styles. They are an excellent background for “icon” furniture and decoration details. Dark rich colours unite and harmonize the objects and accessories. In this case, the contrast with the dark walls not only creates dissonance, but also benefit to increase the value of each detail in interior design.




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  •  Don’t forget about the illumination of your room.  Dark colours absorb light.  In the room there must be is at least one or preferably more large windows, as an ideal – overlooking the south or southeast. For example, for a small kitchen with a small window overlooking the northern side, the variant with dark walls is hardly suitable.



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  • Dark colours correct the geometry of your space. If you use dark colour for the ceiling, walls and the floor in one room,    the borders are slightly blurred: this method is very good for small spaces such as a bathroom. However, in the residential (especially small) rooms the effect can give a feeling of tightness and stiffness. In this case, the  combination of moldings with bright weightless ceiling make the space cozy and light.