We cover all aspects involved in the design and decoration of residential and commercial premises. In each project we seek to balance functionality and ambience with individuality at its core. Our team will work tirelessly to design your space in a style and genre you envisaged.

Interior design in Barcelona

• Our team will visit your premises to familarise ourselves with the subject space as well as your needs and aspirations for the design. All the measurements will be taken on the day

• We then will prepare a few options of floor plan distribution

• Once you are satisfied with the final floor plan we will move on to sketching, moodboards showing the design concept, its colours and textures

• Next step would be to choose the finishing materials. Our years of experience in the Spanish market will guarantee you a vast choice of materials to satisfy any taste

• We will take care of preparing the planning documents for the builders

• 3D -visualisation

Implementation of the design project

• Purchase of the materials. We will be working closely with the suppliers to assure timely delivery of all the materials

• Adjustments to the plans if necessary

• We also provide building works as well as refurbishment of apartments, houses and offices in and around Barcelona

• Our designers will personally supervise the work carried out in field by the builders

Decoration in Barcelona

• We can source the furnishing, lightining, items of decorations as well as textile for your premises

• Our specialists will take case of purchasing, delivery and quality control of all the interior design items

• Design, development and custom built-in furniture, cabinets and kitchen